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#23 Maximuslll 17.11.2020 05:12
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#19 Роман 31.10.2020 12:49
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#18 FrankSkive 28.10.2020 03:36
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#17 VictorChemi 26.10.2020 05:22
"Black Lives Matter - Donate
Why We Need Your Support
As our ecosystem grows our financial support system must grow as well.
We need funds to continue our radically accessible commitment to providing healthy food from Black owned businesses, paid childcare at every event and having ASL interpreters at our monthly gatherings.
On average, our monthly open houses attract 3000+ people and costs us $100,000.
We need to raise $ 350,000 by November 3 to help thousands of black people in a very bad situation right now, we will be glad if you support us.
For quick payment, we use bitcoin wallets. You can transfer donation to this Bitcoin wallet - 12B6eCHqPVQeR8wyTTMoWQqNeTpxqeq7wk
Secondly, we need resources to make sure we have the emotional and spiritual capacity to show up and move forward in the movement as our highest selves.
Supporting the work of our healers including renting space weekly for Black people to process racial stress through group discussion, dance, and visual art and
affirming our humanity & love for each other by starting our week with joy via #BlackJoySunday (all while creating accessibility by offering free childcare)
is essential in sustaining our well-being and activism. Our weekly healing spaces cost on average $30,150/month.
We need to raise $ 350,000 by November 3 to help thousands of black people in a very bad situation right now, we will be glad if you support us.
For quick payment, we use bitcoin wallets. You can transfer donation to this Bitcoin wallet - 12B6eCHqPVQeR8wyTTMoWQqNeTpxqeq7wk
Lastly and most importantly, we need funds to support the emerging leadership of our ecosystem move through the world.
As Black people in a city facing the ravages of displacement and economic disinvestment, it’s difficult to do the work of liberating your community while figuring out how to pay rent and feed yourself.
We need your help to ensure that lack of gas money or health insurance doesn’t stop the work from moving forward. Supporting our emerging leadership, including our rapid response,
organized resistance, healing and logistics teams, reimbursements and stipends costs on average $20,700/month."
#16 Maximusdio 16.10.2020 03:35
"удалите,пожалуйста! ."
#15 Anthonycaula 14.10.2020 23:21

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